Delivery Policy

FTD PTE LTD strives to offer our customers the best products and service at the best value possible. FTD PTE LTD includes deliveries of our products and services as an extension of our strategy of offering best value. FTD PTE LTD has contractual arrangements with various 3rd party freight and transportation carriers to deliver FTD PTE LTD’s products to our customers. FTD PTE LTD typically uses the most economical and quality means commercially available to delivery products. Deliveries are scheduled through FTD PTE LTD’s Traffic department. Any issues with deliveries should be addressed with FTD PTE LTD’s traffic department as soon as possible. FTD PTE LTD’s traffic department may be reached via email at or through our main number at +95-5301784435 FTD PTE LTD reserves the right to change or modify our delivery policy at any time, with or without notice.